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Forest Fire

Hotspot Detection

Forest Fire

Post-fire hotspots can reignite days or weeks after a fire is thought to be extinguished. Aizy Tech's Whitehawk drone can provide firefighters will inexpensive and accurate hotspot intel for efficient, safe deployment.

Vertical Takeoff and Landing

VTOL provides the ability to take off in non-traditional settings and hover mid-flight. Through Whitehawk’s strategic design, the drone can cruise for long periods of time, reach high speeds and cover large areas rapidly.

Intuitive Software

Aizy Tech's intuitive software takes the guesswork out of drone piloting. Through Aizy Tech's software packages, you can effectively utilize a myriad of cameras and sensors with ease.

Superior Flight Time

Maintaining the lift generated by fixed-wing aircraft, Whitehawk has flight times of nearly two hours. The strategic design allows for the drone to cover large areas and then quickly return home to swap batteries and head back out.

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