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Aerial Inspection

Power Plant Smoke Stacks
Aerial Shot of Wind Turbines

From powerlines to gas pipelines, wind turbines, or anything in-between, Aizy Tech's Whitehawk is optimal for inspection. Where other drones struggle, Whitehawk soars. Through superior design and software, the drone can operate in highly energized, and GPS denied areas. Our efficient platform can fly closer and collect better data than manned aircraft while beating the price! The payload capacity and configuration options allow for use of aviation-grade cameras and sensors that can pick up low resolution data.  Across the board, Whitehawk is the optimal choice for your aerial  inspection needs. 

Platform Advantages


Superior Sensors and Imaging

Unlike conventional drones limited by lower-quality sensors, Whitehawk stands out by accommodating high-grade equipment, offering unparalleled imaging capabilities crucial for comprehensive power source inspections.


Unaffected in Highly Energized Areas

Unfazed by highly energized zones, Whitehawk surpasses the limitations faced by most drones and helicopters. Its ability to maneuver near power lines enables closer inspections without compromising operational efficiency.


Operational in GPS Denied Areas

Capable of operating in GPS-denied environments, Whitehawk navigates and executes precision inspections seamlessly even in areas where traditional GPS signals falter, ensuring uninterrupted data collection.


Picks up Low Resolution Data

Designed to excel in high-energy settings that often disrupt data transmission, Whitehawk's advanced technology allows it to navigate closer to power sources, utilizing superior cameras and sensors to capture crucial, high-resolution data undisturbed by interference.

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