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Wind Turbines

Whether it be powerlines, gas pipelines, or wind turbines, Aizy Tech's Whitehawk is optimal for inspection. Where other drones struggle, Whitehawk soars. Through superior design and software, the drone can operate in highly energized, and GPS denied areas. The payload capacity and configuration options allow for use of aviation-grade cameras and sensors that can collect low resolution data.  Across the board, Whitehawk is the optimal choice for your inspection needs. 

Superior Sensors and Imaging

Rather than relying on low-quality cameras and sensors, Whitehawk can be outfitted with higher quality equipment that other drones on the market can't accommodate.

Unaffected in Highly Energized Areas

Despite the challenges associated with highly energized areas, Whitehawk is fully operational and can fly closer to power lines than most drones and helicopters.

Operational in GPS Denied Areas

While many drones lack operational capacity in GPS denied areas, Whitehawk soars. Through our superior software, Whitehawk is as maneuverable as ever. 

Picks up Low Resolution Data

As high levels of energy can interfere with data transmission, Whitehawk is able to fly closer and carry superior cameras and sensors to collect needed data.

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