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Mapping and Surveying

As photogrammetry is becoming increasingly popular for surveying and mapping, the need for a drone that can fly longer and accommodate higher quality cameras and sensors has become apparent. Whitehawk's strategic design makes it optimal for topography, Alta-surveys, volume measurements, site development, progression monitoring and more. 

Lidar Map
B&W Lidar

Superior Flight Time

Maintaining the lift generated by traditional fixed-wing aircraft, Whitehawk has flight times of nearly two hours. The strategic and seamless design allows for the drone to cover large areas and then quickly return home to swap batteries and head back out.

Superior Sensors and Imaging

Designed with the intent of accommodating specialist cameras and sensors typically reserved for helicopters, Whitehawk can carry RGB photogrammetry, multispectral, thermal and lidar sensors and cameras to enable rapid collection of accurate, high quality data.

Payload Capacity

The payload capacity of Whitehawk allows for a myriad of configuration options. Through strategic configuration, Whitehawk can accommodate high quality multispectral, thermal, or lidar sensors for your mapping and topography needs.

Autonomous Efficiency

Rather than utilizing precious time manually piloting the drone, Whitehawk enables you to program for autonomous flight. Through Whitehawk's reliable autonomous flight capabilities, you can focus your attention on reviewing the information provided by your cameras and sensors.

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