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Montana Ag-Tech Innovation and Investment Summit

The Aizy Tech team was fortunate to be selected as one of the speed pitch competitors at the inaugural Montana Ag-Tech Innovation and Investment Summit. The conference was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the needs of Montana farmers and ranchers and hear about the increased innovation within the industry. The speakers and panelists that presented had expansive knowledge and background within the agricultural industry, and it was a delight to learn more about their experiences and vision for the future.

During the speed pitch competition, we were proud to introduce Whitehawk, our new aviation-grade drone. Unlike any drone you’ve ever seen, Whitehawk’s 9 foot wingspan allows it to compete with manned aircraft to provide the same data at a fraction of the cost. With autonomous flight capabilities and over two hours of flight time, our vision of utilizing Whitehawk as the new “ranch hand in the sky” quickly captivated the audience. Our team placed 2nd, bringing home $15k.

We are excited to utilize these funds to purchase cameras and sensors to fulfill agricultural contracts and provide farmers and ranchers with affordable and actionable data. Our team is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Ag-Tech Innovation and Investment Summit and owes a debt of gratitude to the state of Montana and everyone involved in hosting this event!

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