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Crop Inspection Services

Drones have become increasingly popular for crop inspection due to their ability to provide high-resolution imagery and data quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the services that can Aizy Tech can provide for your crop inspection needs. 

Crop Health Assessment

Aizy Tech's Whitehawk drone can capture high-resolution imagery and multispectral data of crop fields, allowing for accurate and timely crop health assessments, including identification of pest and disease infestations, nutrient deficiencies, and irrigation issues.

Pest and Disease Detection

Aizy Tech's drone services equipped with multispectral and thermal imaging sensors can detect early signs of pest and disease infestations in crops, allowing farmers to take targeted actions and prevent crop loss.

Crop Mapping

Through Aizy Tech's high-resolution cameras and multispectral sensors to capture images of crops from above, which are then processed using advanced algorithms to create detailed crop maps highlighting growth patterns, enabling farmers to make data-driven decisions to optimize crop yield.

Yield Estimation

Data collected can be processed using advanced algorithms to estimate crop yield based on factors such as plant count, size, and density. This information helps farmers plan their harvest and make informed decisions about their crop management strategies.

Soil Mapping

Aizy Tech's drone services can provide detailed soil maps that show variations in soil type, fertility, and moisture content. This information helps farmers optimize their crop management strategies, leading to better yields and increased profitability.

Plant Counting

Through collection of high-resolution images, our software can provide farmers with accurate plant counts. This information helps farmers optimize their planting density and make data-driven decisions to improve crop yield.

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