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Wildlife Management

Green Forest


Location Tracking

Through regular intervals of data collection, Aizy Tech can provide you with clear analytics to track wildlife behaviors over time. Whether you're seeking information to track a herd of elk in preparation for hunting season or you're trying to track the behavior of predators on your ranch, our data analytics can help you make informed and strategic decisions.  


Game Count

Our cutting-edge technology allows us to locate and count game and other wildlife with ease. Whether you're interested in population counts for guided hunting or population management, Aizy Tech can provide you with clear data. From identifying the number of brow-tined bull elk, to counting the number of mule deer, we can provide that information.


Predator Identification

Strong predator populations can cause concern for ranchers and pose an eminent threat to livestock. Aizy Tech's drone services provide an eye in the sky to locate predator dens, and examine and project future behaviors. Through this key information, ranchers are able to more effectively monitor and manage predators and mitigate risk. 

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