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Livestock Management

Aizy Tech provides regularly scheduled data collection and analysis services. Our collection of quantitative data allows ranchers to track changes over time, forecast behaviors, and protect against risk. Our long-term annual contracts provide clients with continuous analytics and reporting whether it be on livestock, crops, or wildlife. Our livestock management services allow ranchers to identify livestock locations, detect breaches in fence lines, and monitor key resources such as water and feed.

Tech in Action!

After sending cattle out on an allotment, it can be tricky to pin-point where they ended up. Dense forest canopies can further complicate efforts, making an aerial view optimal. After locating these cow-calf pairs on a large allotment in Bozeman, MT, our flight technician tracked them as they made their way to a different meadow. 

The small group of cattle featured in this video split from the rest of the herd, making their location and behaviors vital information to the rancher. Our drone platform allows us to efficiently locate and track the behaviors of livestock and provide ranchers with insights to aid them in their decision-making. Look at the client's analytics dashboard below to see how this data is presented to the client.

Aizy Tech Flight Services Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Agricultural Services

Cattle in Colorado

Location Tracking

On large expanses of land, regularly tracking and locating livestock can be nearly impossible. Take the guess-work out of it and utilize Aizy Tech to get consistent information on where livestock are. 

Cattle in Pasture

Herd Health Monitoring

Whether it be lupine, camas, or pesky gopher holes, livestock seem to find their way into trouble frequently. Through Aizy Tech's regular health checks, you can stay up-to-date on your herd's health. 

Hay Field

Resource Evaluation

From evaluating grazing conditions, to checking levels of feed and water, there are a lot of considerations to make. Aizy Tech's data-driven approach takes out the guess-work, allowing you to make the best decision possible and optimize grazing. 

Barbed Wire Fence Line

Fence Checking

Downed fence lines can cause major problems on a ranch, but large expanses of land make it difficult to identify the problem before it's too late. Our efficient drone technology can check fences with ease, giving you the information you need in a timely manner.

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