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Elevating the Search in 

Search and Rescue

The Aizy Tech Advantage


Superior Design

Our innovative VTOL/Fixed-wing hybrid design facilitates optimal maneuverability and flight versatility, while ensuring exceptional payload capacity and adaptability. Crafted with lightweight yet durable carbon fiber material, our platform guarantees unmatched durability, making it resilient for challenging environments while maintaining flexibility for mission-specific modifications.


Autonomous Efficiency

Our platform's cutting-edge autonomous capabilities redefine operational efficiency. Employing advanced navigation systems, it autonomously follows  precise flight paths and executes consistent maneuvers. This autonomous prowess ensures seamless data collection, enabling swift, reliable, and accurate surveillance operations crucial for effective search and rescue missions.


Affordable Alternative

Serving as a cost-effective alternative to helicopters and surpassing the capabilities of conventional drones, our platform presents an economical solution for search and rescue missions. Its efficient operational costs, coupled with its ability to provide a bird's eye view for ground teams, offer an accessible and efficient resource that significantly aids in search and rescue operations.

Designed for Adaptability


VTOL/Fixed-Wing Hybrid


Payload Modularity


Superior Thermal Imaging


Carbon Fiber Design


Autonomous System


Weather Resistant Materials

Aizy Tech Whitehawk Drone
Aizy Tech User Portal

Intuitive Software

Superior software for rapid data collection and real-time analysis

Aizy Tech's intuitive software takes the guesswork out of drone piloting.  Through our superior software, you can create a customizable platform to accommodate the needs of your unique camera and sensor package.


Through Aizy Tech's  software packages, you can effectively utilize a myriad of cameras and sensors with ease.

Snowy Day

Unlocking Invisible Insights

Equipped with cutting-edge thermal and infrared imaging technology, our drones reveal crucial details invisible to the naked eye. Live-streaming thermal images aid ground teams in identifying subjects, followed by high-resolution zoom capabilities to assess the condition of individuals in distress. This actionable intelligence, coupled with precise GPS coordinates, guides rescuers to swiftly provide tailored aid, ensuring an effective and timely response.

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