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Search and Rescue

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SAR teams across the globe are in need of drones that can fly longer and faster while having a large enough payload capacity for high quality thermal imaging. Whitehawk can be programmed to fly grid patterns so that the operator can focus on monitoring the high quality thermal images.


Autonomous Efficiency

In SAR, every second is vital. Rely on Whitehawk's autonomous flight capabilities and save precious time that can be allocated towards reviewing video footage and locating the subject.


Weather Resistance

Rain or shine, Whitehawk can brave the conditions to scope out and locate a subject. Here in Montana, we know that the weather can be unforgiving and unpredictable. Whitehawk's strategic design allows for optimal weather resistance.


Superior Thermal Imaging

Rather than relying on low-quality cameras and sensors, Whitehawk can be outfitted with higher quality equipment that other drones on the market can't accommodate. 


Payload Capacity

The payload capacity of Whitehawk allows for a myriad of configuration options. Whether it be dropping a first aid kit to a subject or utilizing aviation-grade cameras and sensors, Whitehawk's payload capacity can accommodate your mission.

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