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Core Competencies

Whitehawk's strategic design allows for superior flight times, greater maneuverability, and weather resistance; reaching new heights for your industry.

Weather Resistance

Wind and weather resistance keeps the drone in the air, allowing mission-critical data to be collected.

Vertical Takeoff and Landing

VTOL provides the ability to take off in non-traditional settings and hover mid-flight.

Superior Flight Time

Maintaining the lift generated by traditional fixed-wing aircraft, Whitehawk has flight times of over an hour.

Weather Resistant

Built tough for rugged and unforgiving weather conditions.

Manufactured in Montana's rugged climate, Aizy Tech's Whitehawk is mindfully designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.


From snow to rain, wind, and sleet, Whitehawk can brave the harsh weather to accommodate your industry.

Autonomous Efficiency

At Aizy Tech, we know that time is money. Rather than utilizing precious time manually piloting the drone, Whitehawk enables you to program for autonomous flight.


Through Whitehawk's reliable autonomous flight capabilities,  you can focus your attention on reviewing the information provided by your cameras and sensors

Superior Sensors and Imaging

Whitehawk's superior payload capacity enables configuration of aviation-grade cameras and sensors.


Bypass the limitations of smaller drones and select Whitehawk to accommodate superior camera and sensor packages.


Intuitive Software

Superior software for a customizable platform

Aizy Tech's intuitive software takes the guesswork out of drone piloting. Through our superior software, you  can create a customizable platform to accommodate the needs of your unique camera and sensor package.


Through Aizy Tech's  software packages, you can effectively utilize a myriad of cameras and sensors with ease.

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions
76 in / 193 cm
Wing Span
108 in / 257 cm
Exterior Height
24 in / 61 cm
Rotor Dimensions
16 in / 41 cm diamater
Diagonal Distance
95 in / 2.4 m
Payload Capacity
35 lb / 15.88 kg
Max Takeoff Weight
55lbs / 24.95kg
Optimal Cruise Speed
35 mph / 56 kph
Hover Time
45 min
Max Flight Distance
200 miles / 220 km
Flight Time
2 hours
Max Cruise Speed
100 mph / 160 kph
Min Cruise Speed
15 mph / 24 kph
Carbon Fiber
Rotor Blades
Carbon Fiber
Internal Structure
Carbon Fiber
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